Bucks County Philadelphia Museums

Philadelphia Museum of Art.

One of the largest museums in the country, the Philadelphia Museum of Art houses a renowned collection of world art, acclaimed special exhibitions, and programs that enrich and enlighten our lives. With 225,000 works of art from around the world, spanning 2,000 years, the Philadelphia Museum of Art exhibits one of the nation’s largest and most impressive collections of masterpieces from legends artists such as Picasso, Dali, Matisse and Van Gogh. The Museum presents more than 25 exhibitions each year, from single-artist retrospectives to explorations of historic topics. Visit www.philamuseum.org.
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Franklin Institute.

Honoring Benjamin Franklin, Franklin Institute is an exciting science museum in Philadelphia, and one of the oldest centers of science education and development in the nation. Franklin Institute’s Science Center, The Franklin Center, and The Center for Innovation in Science Learning feature exhibits, activities, programs and events that help us learn about science and the world around us. Don’t miss traveling exhibits such as The Chronicles of Narnia: The Exhibition and Galileo, The Medici, and The Age of Astronomy, and permanent exhibits including Amazing Machine, The Giant Heart: A Healthy Interactive Experience and Space Command. The Franklin Institute also houses Fels Planetarium, Benjamin Franklin National Memorial and the Tuttleman IMAX Theater, featuring amazing films such as Wild Ocean and Batman: The Dark Night. Visit http://www2.fi.edu/.

James A. Michener Art Museum.

Named for Doylestown's famous son, James A. Michener Art Museum preserves the art and cultural heritage of Bucks County. Presenting changing exhibitions from around the country, the Museum displays a wonderful collection of Pennsylvania Impressionist paintings. The Doylestown museum includes five permanent and three changing galleries, and an outdoor sculpture garden in a natural setting that highlights the Bucks County landscape. Celebrating generations of regional artists, the museum in the historic arts colony of New Hope features the permanent exhibit "The Artists Among Us,” an interactive wall mosaic of New Hope artists and images. Both museums showcase nationally touring exhibitions, significant regional artists, and events. Visit www.michenermuseum.org. [Top]
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Mercer Museum.

One of Bucks County’s significant historic attractions, Mercer Museum presents an extensive collection of objects representing everyday life in pre-Industrial America. The Museum’s collection exhibits 40,000 objects, tools and artifacts of 60 American crafts and trades, including woodworking, metalworking, agriculture, advertising, furnishings and folk art - providing a comprehensive picture of culture and commerce in pre-industrial America. Located in Doylestown, the museum features a fire engine suspended from the balcony, a gallows, and a variety of programs, events, exhibits and self-guided tours. Visit www.mercermuseum.org.

Fonthill Museum.

Modeled after a 13th-century Rhenish castle, Fonthill Museum is a beautiful stone mansion with turrets and balconies designed by Henry Chapman Mercer without blueprints. The Bucks County castle is a unique mix of Medieval, Gothic, and Byzantine architectural styles, and is a significant example of poured reinforced concrete. The mansion has Gothic doorways, 44 rooms of various shapes, 32 stairways, dead ends, and ceilings and walls embedded with handcrafted tiles from Mercer’s kilns and ancient tiles from around the world. The ornate 1920 home displays a collection of Mercer’s books, prints and Victorian engravings. An American architectural treasure, Fonthill was featured on the A&E program “America’s Castles.” The historic museum offers exhibits, events and tours. Visit www.mercermuseum.org. [Top]
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Mutter Museum.

Founded to educate future doctors about anatomy and human medical anomalies, Mütter Museum at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia offers incredible sights that educate and entertain. The gallery houses a collection of medical pathology and monstrosities that summon our curiosity and raise awareness about the human form. The Museum's collection feature 20,000 objects, including fluid-preserved anatomical and pathological specimens, medical instruments, anatomical and pathological models, memorabilia of famous scientists and physicians, medical illustrations and portraits. At this serious, but fun Philadelphia museum, you’ll see the Chevalier Jackson Collection of objects swallowed and removed, brains of murderers and epileptics, conjoined twins, and celebrity body parts - "Secret Tumor of Grover Cleveland" and "Thorax of John Wilkes Booth." Visit http://www.collphyphil.org.

Please Touch Museum.

Celebrating 30 years, Please Touch Museum at Memorial Hall, Fairmont Park is the children’s museum of Philadelphia. This hands-on museum is dedicated to enriching the lives of children through learning opportunities and playful experiences. Please Touch features six interactive exhibit zones - Roadside Attractions, Flight Fantasy, City Capers, Wonderland, River Adventures, and Centennial Exploration - as well as fun daily activities and theater performances. Kids love highlights such as the century-old refurbished Woodside Park Dentzel Carousel, the Cirty Capers exhibit, a realistic urban environment of Philadelphia skyscrapers, and the 40-foot toy-made replica of the Statue of Liberty Arm & Torch. For little visitors, there are toddler areas throughout the museum. Visit www.pleasetouchmuseum.org/. [Top]
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